Gérardmer 2019 : the director Fabrice Du Welz tells us about his first love, the cinema of horror

Between two sessions at the festival of Gérardmer, we met the belgian director Fabrice Du Welz, a member of the jury composed by Kervern and Delepine. The opportunity to discuss a little of his love of youth : the cinema of horror. The Jokers AlloCiné : How do you explain your devotion to horror cinema ? Fabrice Du Welz : It’s like a love story. I grew up with it when I was a teenager. In general, I like the film, it is my great love, and I would say that horror cinema is my first love. What are your absolute masters ? There are a lot of filmmakers that I particularly like, but these are cycles. The first, Carpenter, Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper, and those people who were making a film which has been described as kind, but that was a about, and who was a sort of poetic policy. They had a true view of the world, excessive, extreme, and highly poetic to me. What place do politics and poetry in your film ? The political dimension interests me little, I am much more attached to the poetry, the articulation of the atmosphere, and some poetry. I don’t like the movie realistic. I’m not against, but in my film it displeases me, I don’t like which brings us back to something very rooted socially. I like that the films are to be between two people, it allows for a better longevity. What I love, it is a form of magical realism : grounding the film in realism and make from it towards something else. What horror movie struck you most ? The film that changed my life, it is the texas chainsaw Massacre. At the time, as a teenager, I saw a lot of horror movies, I loved it, and nothing was leading me to the discovery of a film like this. I saw a film that was a work of art, which began to question me on a lot of things and how the violence was excessive, tortuous, grotesque, poetic and touching. The film I was strongly impregnated and that has been very important in my life as a cinephile. There have been other films like this, you unscrew the head and this is what I like to see movies that I upset, I provoke them. I find it very voluptuous. VORTEX INC. / KIM HENKEL / TOBE HOOPER © 1974 VORTEX, INC. All rights reserved. The texas chainsaw Massacre Tobe Hooper (1974) The cinema of horror was something – it is much less so now unfortunately – very inventive, in response to many things. Today I find that the use of the cinmé horror is blistered, cynical and not very inventive. It is also much more rare to see movies that have this rage, or this intelligence. Do of genre cinema, it’s complicated, we know. Do you have the feeling that things are moving ? It’s a change, since the recent success of Serious and / or Revenge, it may seem more respectable. Some horror films are going to Cannes, the César, the eyes of the profession is changing, but it’s still complicated. Anyway, to make movies, it’s complicated, except perhaps for the big comedy, with a cast seller. What are your projects in the weeks and months to come ? I’m ending Worship [with Benoît Poelvoorde and Laurent Lucas] I’m in sound editing, soon to be in the mix which if all goes well, the film will be finished in the next two months. And I’m going to move normally with a new film that I hope to turn at the end of the year. You so never stop ! No, I will stop when I die or when I will stop making films !

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