Russian doll on Netflix : what one has understood of the last two episodes [SPOILERS]

New comedy series worn by Natasha Lyonne, Russian Doll, tells the story of Nadia, a thirty-something woman stuck in a time loop. If the end of this show, cryptic has you confused, here are a few explanations. This article reveals the end of the Russian Doll. Therefore, it is advisable to have finished season 1 before starting this reading ! Nadia, a vivacious developer of video games for the dissolute life, getting run over by a car the night of its 36 years. Instead of dying, the young woman comes back to life a few hours earlier, so that her birthday party is in full swing. It does not take long to realize that she is trapped in a time loop : she dies constantly and revit always on the same evening. When she meets another man, also stuck in a similar cycle, Nadia begins to understand that there is probably a reason for this quagmire. Be at peace with oneself, Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett embody Nadia and Alan, the two characters are stuck in time warps. Russian doll shows to what extent their injuries and their past mistakes are devastating for these two beings to self-destructive behaviour. Convinced that no one can really love, Nadia and Alan combine the wrong choice. The beautiful redhead goes risk behaviour and fails to engage sustainably with someone. It does not take long to learn that his actions are due to severe trauma inflicted by his mother when she was little. Alan is a great maniac with suicidal tendencies who also seemed to carry a heavy past. When his girlfriend leaves him when he asked in marriage, this last tendril completely and flagellum by going to insult repeatedly the lover of the woman he loves. Netflix The first meeting between Alan and Nadia. All of these behaviors have a consequence : the two individuals realize that every time they die, loved ones or things that are dear to disappear. To have the means to recover, Alan and Nadia include in episode 7 that they must be at peace with themselves. Alan gets bought out by going to talk calmly to the woman he loves, and apologizing for not having been listening. Nadia must accept her painful past and the villainy done by his mother. For this, she offers the book Emily of new moon that has rocked his childhood to the daughter of his i.e. It gives a support to a young teenager in emotional distress, as she was able to be in the past. This step was taken, she died in atrocious suffering, the throat cut by a shard of a mirror, echoing a scene in a traumatic childhood. At the beginning of episode 8, the two friends wake up again at their reflection – they face themselves – and have the satisfaction of seeing that all the people and things missing in the course of their dead are back again ! Of multiple temporalities to Be in peace with oneself is not enough to get out of the loop, the two friends must find a way to save themselves and each other. For this, it is imperative that they find themselves in the place of their first dead respective. As the precise Nadia the neighbor of Alan during his mission, “Life is a box of timelines” (“life is a tangle of timelines”). Confusing, the last episode is split into two eras : the one where Nadia protects Alan in preventing suicide, and the other in which it is the heroine who is saved by the young man. After an episode of gasping in contrast with the previous ones, the two characters manage to save them both and leave hand in hand through New York. The screen then divides into two, to represent the two time-frames, and then ends up by being only one. Nadia and Alan find themselves in the middle of an event joyful and fun with the crowd. The most optimistic will believe that they have managed to get out of the loop, and that everything is back to normal. The more observant will notice the passage of several Nadia in what looks like a procession carnival of the Day of the dead, which would mean that several generations can continue to exist. Netflix Alan trying to reason with Nadia for him to avoid death. It is without doubt the second option which prevails, especially when we know that Natasha Lyonne, who also co-wrote and co-directed the show, said this to Digital Spy : “I think that Russian Doll in some way wants to say that life is a sum of temporalities. There are a lot of different versions of yourself- not in a physical way compared to a trip back in time – but in our heads.” For now, no season 2 has been announced, but many mysteries, including the question of multiple temporalities, remain to be elucidated. This suite could also be used to learn more about the dark past of Alan and on the neuroses of a character that gains depth over the episodes. And you, what have you understood from the end of Russian Doll ?